Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hidlumane waterfalls

Hidlumane falls is a beautiful waterfall near Nitturu, hosanagara taluk, Shimoga. It is at the base of kodachadri hill around 10 kms from Nitturu. Around 45 km from hosanagara.

To reach the falls you need to trek through rocky hills filled up with lush trees all around. These falls are a series of waterfall with varying heights and majesty. To reach the other falls you should climb up the rocks on which the stream is coming or go through the thick forest where you will not find any path.

Another way of approach is from Nittur. After one or one and a half km walk on road towards kollur, take a left turn where you have a small bus stop at the left. This jeep track will take you to the house. From there its a km trek. This way is about 6 km from Nittur.The way throughout is very scenic with lush green forest and paddy fields all around. You will be able to enjoy the pure western ghats.


This is a very beautiful stepped water falls. Don't come back thinking the first stream you get as the falls. Climb the rocks, if not possible take the alternative way through the forest. Go parallel to the stream, a huge, beautiful, ice cold water falls is waiting for you


  1. We had been there in 2008 november. Thanks for bringing back the memories. by the way beautifullly shot photos.

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