Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Jamalabad Fort

Jamalabad Fort is situated in the Jamalabad village of Kudremukh region. This fort was built in 1794 by Tipu Sultan, who is commonly known as Tiger of Mysore. Jamalabad village is located at the foot of a high rock which is a part of Kudremukh hills, near Belthangady.

Jamalabad was earlier known as Narasimhagudi. Orginally a mud fort existed on the hilltop, which was takenover by Tipu in the 17th century. Records say that Tipu reconstructed/ fortified the structure in 1794. Later the fort has fallen into the hands of British in the successive wars that have taken place with Tipu, in between 17th and 18th centuries.Today this place is dilapidated

However the hilltop which is approximately 1700 feet above sea level, offers a great view of the valley beneath. This place is visited by trekkers.